Elected Officials

  • Diane Buckshnis, Edmonds City Council Member

  • Carin Chase, Edmonds School Board Director

  • Maralyn Chase, former Washington State Senator

  • Marko Liias, Washington State Senator

  • Tom Mesaros, Edmonds City Council Member

  • Mike Nelson, Edmonds City Council Member

  • Lillian Ortiz-Self, Washington State Representative

  • Susan Paine, former Edmonds School Board Director

  • Strom Peterson, Washington State Representative

  • Cindy Ryu, Washington State Representative


  • Edmonds Education Association

  • Equal Rights Washington

  • Sierra Club

  • Snohomish County Democrats

  • 21st Legislative District Democrats

  • 32nd Legislative District Democrats

Editorial boards

  • Everett Herald Editorial Board


  • Birgit Albiker-Osterhaug, English Learner teacher, Meadowdale Middle

  • Susan Berry, teacher, Maplewood Parent Cooperative

  • Patti Boyle, former teacher, Chase Lake Elementary

  • Sue Burns, paraeducator, Meadowdale High

  • Hawk Cramer, former principal, Cedar Way Elementary

  • Maggie Cramer, former director of elementary education, Edmonds School District

  • Kieran Edmundson, testing and evaluation technician, Edmonds School District

  • Karen Hogue, teacher, Maplewood Parent Cooperative

  • Joyce Hudeman, former teacher, Edmonds School District

  • Ted Klastorin, professor, University of Washington

  • Susan Klastorin, former special education teacher

  • Christine Kratz, high school office manager, Edmonds School District

  • Jim Meadows, former teacher, Edmonds School District

  • Margaret Mesaros, former principal, Spruce Elementary 

  • Nanette Peppin, teacher, Maplewood Parent Cooperative

  • Susan Stansberry, teacher, Meadowdale Middle

  • Pamela Steele, retired administrator, Northshore School District

  • Michelle Tessier, English Learner teacher, Mountlake Terrace High

parents & community members

  • Candace and Roger Belair

  • Mandy Bergen

  • Jan Berlin

  • Sandy Boyle

  • Rebecca Bryant

  • Monica Cohn

  • Stephanie Harris

  • Laura Johnson

  • Bill Mazzoni

  • Jennifer McKasson

  • Joyce Rinehart

  • Careen Rubenkonig

  • Brooke Sams

  • Meaghan Schillinger

  • McKenna Southey

  • Janet Way

  • Kate and Dave Wells



Nancy is a collaborative and inspiring voice who believes in closing the achievement gap for our English Learner students. While she was at our District, I had the opportunity to watch the passion she has for student success get paired with real-world solutions to make that dream a reality. She has a unique ability to use her lens as our District’s former Assessment Director and as a parent to help shape the conversation and move everyone forward. Our District needs Nancy Katims on our School Board!

MIchelle Tessier, English learner Teacher, Edmonds School District

Having Nancy represent us would be a dream come true. If you don’t know Nancy, please take the time to find out why you should vote for her. She doesn’t just talk the talk — she has ALWAYS walked the walk. She’s got 100% of my support right here!

Christine Kratz, high school Office Manager, Edmonds School District

Nancy will be an effective, committed leader, one with whom I'd be honored to work. Not only does she have first-hand knowledge of what it takes to help students succeed, she also understands the art of collaborative teamwork, an essential ingredient for high functioning school boards.

Pamela Steele, PhD, Retired Administrator, Northshore School District

Nancy Katims is an outstanding candidate for School Board in the Edmonds School District. I’ve known Nancy for over 10 years and worked with her in a variety of capacities. Nancy is deeply knowledgeable about education and school systems. Her experience as a parent, previous program director in Student Learning, and community member, provide her with firsthand knowledge of the Edmonds School District. She understands the unique needs, challenges, and successes of our diverse community. 

Nancy is caring and committed. She is invested in the students, families, teachers and staff of the Edmonds School District. As a former classroom teacher and now as an administrator, I know I can always count on Nancy to help me on behalf of my students.  

Above all, Nancy knows what it takes to provide high quality educational experiences for students grades PreK – 12. We need Nancy and I am eager to have her as part of our ESD school board.

From an elementary school administrator
in the EdmondS School District

As a mother of four daughters in the Edmonds School District, I would love to see Nancy Katims as a school board member. She has the expertise and passion to ensure that student learning for ALL students is the priority for our District.

From a parent in the Edmonds School District