My Mission

I am committed to the success of all students. 

Nancy visited Meadowdale Middle to speak with students about what would help them be successful in school.

Nancy visited Meadowdale Middle to speak with students about what would help them be successful in school.

I have devoted my entire career to improving educational opportunities for students, with 40 years of experience working in public education, including nearly two decades in the student learning department of the Edmonds School District. This depth of experience has given me an unparalleled understanding of what effective teaching and learning looks like and how to ensure all students can succeed in the classroom.

I’m driven by three primary objectives:

  1. I believe the District needs measurable, student-centered goals and an accountability system to ensure that our limited resources are achieving our goals efficiently and effectively.

  2. I believe the District needs to put processes in place to ensure that all students, regardless of their background, are receiving equitable access to the full range of opportunities available.

  3. I believe District staff need to solicit and meaningfully consider input from all relevant stakeholders — including parents, teachers, students and community members — whenever making decisions that impact those stakeholders.

Nancy’s younger son, Casey, at his graduation from Edmonds-Woodway High.

Nancy’s younger son, Casey, at his graduation from Edmonds-Woodway High.

I am also a parent.

My two children graduated from the Edmonds School District. I have been a band mom, a sports mom, a theater mom, and the mom of an LGBTQ student. I know the disappointment and concern when my child’s learning needs are not being met. I also know the immense joy and pride of seeing my children accomplish amazing success in school and in life.

I want that for all parents. And I know that successful students lead to strong and vibrant communities!


I believe that all School Board decisions should be based on:


Students First!

Whether the decision relates to safety, finances, facilities, transportation, instruction, teacher development, human resources or anything else, Board members must consider the impact on students, their families and their teachers. And these considerations must take into account students of all backgrounds and all learning needs, including those from different socioeconomic, cultural and linguistic backgrounds. 




The District must prioritize goals to guide how resources are utilized and spent.  Board members should always be aware of their role in the responsible use of taxpayers’ money and make decisions that are cost-effective in supporting students and teachers. Just as in business, school districts need to think about the return on their investment — and the return we are seeking is student success.




Board members should make decisions based on credible data and evidence.  It is not enough to know that “all the districts around us” are doing something if we don’t know whether it’s been successful in those districts.  It is not enough to know that a publisher or vendor says their instructional materials are effective if their claims aren’t based on credible research. We need to confirm the validity of data before us, seek out evidence from non-biased sources, and continually monitor and evaluate strategies being used in the District against measurable, student-centered goals. 


My Pledge to You

If you elect me to serve on your School Board, I pledge to:

  • Think about the needs of all students first.
    I will consider the needs of students of all backgrounds and all learning needs. I will never forget that our District serves the students and that we seek success for all kids, regardless of their race, religion, national origin, socioeconomic background, sexual orientation, gender identity or immigration status.

  • Always listen to every point of view. 
    We may not always agree, but I promise that I will always consider different views and integrate different perspectives into my thinking before making a decision.

  • Take the time to read and learn about all aspects of School Board decisions.

  • Communicate clearly and openly to the entire community, and especially to the stakeholders impacted by specific decisions. 
    I will make myself readily available through in-person meetings and community events, as well as through email and other online platforms. I will make frequent visits to schools to see teaching and learning firsthand and to speak directly with staff and students. 

  • Ask good questions! 
    By asking good questions we can learn more about what others are thinking and gain a deeper, more accurate understanding of issues under consideration.

  • Advocate for the students and the District.
    I will always be a champion for the District with our state legislators and the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) to advance the needs of our students, staff, and community.

  • Be a forward thinker and seek out innovative approaches to solving problems.  

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